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River Region Cardiology AssociatesPerhaps one of the biggest things we take for granted is our heart. The heart beats so automatically that we rarely think about it, let alone pay attention to its health.

At River Region Cardiology we provide the highest quality cardiovascular care to people just like you throughout Montgomery and the River Region of Central Alabama.

You can count on us to serve your cardiovascular needs with compassion and respect, in addition to keeping our commitment to state-of-the-art cardiovascular care.

River Region Cardiology is a group of dedicated professionals who work exclusively in the area of cardiovascular diseases.

Not only do we specialize in the expert care of your heart, but we also work closely with your primary care physician to insure a special relationship with you and your doctor.

We provide your doctor with a copy of your complete updated health history, as well as provide him or her with your test results, consultations, and follow-up reports. The more you, your doctor, and our specialists know about you and your health, the better we can take care of you.

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